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About Course

This course will give a complete knowledge about FOREX TRADING; it will provide a comprehensive learning experience to the participants. The course is designed for skill based learning packed with assignments, Q & A work-sheets, market research and strategy development. The core learning focus on analyzing and predicting the dynamic Forex market based on Technical, Fundamental and Sentimental analysis along with applying suitable risk management models. The goal of this course is to provide the best trading skills to the learner to analyze and understand overall market movement and generate profits consistently


you will be awarded the certificate of completion, upon the performing all skill tests in Technical Analysis ,  carry out research about  Fundamental Data Analysis( Macro Economics) and  analyzing market sentiments from sources of various websites and watching financial information related to currencies, economies, current events and trends which impacts your day to day trading .

Aim of the course


  • The course is designed for the learners to understand the scope and role of Forex trading in international market.
  • Learner is able to interpret and forecast market by using technical, fundamental and sentimental analysis.
  • Able to develop and apply various Strategies and risk management model to suite the various market conditions.
  • Finally, to become an independent market analyst, Forex Trader and Fund manager.


Objectives of the course

   At the end of this course, learners able to:-

  • Operate various tools and functions of Forex trading platform for trading.
  • Understand the basic Forex terminology like, pip, Bid, ask, spread, lot, margin, leverage, trend, retracement, expansion, hawkish, dovish, risk appetite, fiscal policy, monetary policy and etc.
  • Applying and analyzing various technical indicators on charts to identify the potential entry and exits
  • Analyzing fundamental data and forecast future market direction for various Instruments
  • Test and apply various risk management models with relation to trading strategies.
  • Interpret bullish or bearish market direction by reading economic calendar, news articles and watching TV channels –Bloomberg, CNBC, C-span, etc.
  • Develop trading strategies for scalping, Indra-day and swing trading.
  • generate profits consistently with various trading methods


This course will help the learners:

  •  to become a successful and Independent Forex , CFDs, Commodities and Crypto Trader
  •  to analyse and apply technical and fundamental Analysis in trading
  •  to develop winning strategies to generate profit consistently
  •  to apply trading skills perfectly in Intra-day and swing trading
  •  to implement various risk management models to different trading instruments.


Course Features

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  • Duration 60 hours
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English
  • Students 32
  • Assessments Yes
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