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Robotic Trading Skills

Robotic Trading Skills

1.   What is an Auto-Trading System?

 Auto-trading is also called Robotic trading or Expert Advisor (EA). Now-a-days, sophisticated programs and technology allow us to convert our trading strategies (Trading style/method) into Robots or EAs, which trades 24hrs non-stop.

Types of Auto-Trading Systems

1. Indicators based EAs : Based on MA, RSI,MACD, Bollinger Bands etc
2. Non-Indicators EA: Based on time or price
3. Grid Based EAs : It places orders both sides of the current price like a grid

For the above types various logics applied like:
  • Martingale,
  • Risk to rewards,
  • MM rules,         
  • Lot based rules,        
  • Time based rules        
  • News based rules,

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