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Indepth Fundamental Analysis

Indepth Fundamental Analysis


                 Macro-Economic Indicators,  Political Crisis, Natural Disasters

 Important Economic data releases of USA, Canada, Euro-zone (i.e. Euro), UK, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China and other stock and equities markets, GEO-POLITICAL, INTERNATIONAL POLICIES

1. Market Hours or Trading Sessions, -Asia-London-US

2. Studying Economic Calendars

3. News Trading- Time and technics

4. Balance of Payment

5. GDP and Output Report,

6. Confidence and Sentiment Reports

7. Prices, Wages and Sales Figures-Indusrtial and Service Sector

8. Monetary Policy - Central banks role

9. Interest Rates & Carry Trades

10. Employment Situation-NFP,ADP,WCC,WW

11. Housing Market-New Homes, Existing Homes, Real Estates

12. Trading Strategies based on fundamental analysis


The aim of this advanced Research and development topics is to find winning strategies based on various technical and fundamental studies. It includes:

  1. Watching TV channels such as Bloomberg.com, cnbc.com, cnnmoney.com, reuters.com etc.
  2. Visiting top financial website collecting data and analyzing
  3. Correlation of Indicators & indices
  4. Correlation of fundamental events and data analysis
  5. Hypothesizing and Testing  
  6. Actionable Trading Plan for short and long terms.
  7. Group discussion and brain storming
  8. Trading and mentoring
  9. Client services

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