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Forex Training Course Advanced

Forex Training Course Advanced

Advanced Professional Trading Course( FEE $1000usd)

Duration: 6-8 weeks,  Daily: 1-3hr lecture & 5-7 hours practical

Faculty:           live trading sessions       

1. PROF.(DR.)KHAJA.A.(Director),MBA., PHD.                                                      

2.  PROF.(DR). UDAY KUMAR, M.Com.,MBA.,PHD.                              


1.      What is ONLINE TRADING and how does it work?

2.      How to choose a trading platform and brokerage?    

3.      Define a pip, margin and leverage.

4.      What is a lot and account type?

5.      What is ask price, bid price and spread?

6.      Order Types - Market order, limit order, pending order, OCO

7.      Platform interaction

8.      Opening Demo Account.

9.      Fundamentals of Brokerage

10.   Inter-relationship between-Trader-Broker-Banks(liquidity providers)


                                                                 TRADING METHODS                                   


 1. Line graph and Bar-graph,

2.  Candlesticks- complete package,

3. Support and Resistance

4.  Moving Averages (MA)

5.  Fibonacci Ratio,

6.  Oscillators and Momentum indicators such as : RSI, Stochastic, CCI, MACD, SAR,

        Fractals, ADX, Dollar Index, Bollinger band,

7. Important chart patterns,

8. Pivot Points,

9. Multiple Time Frames,

12.Create Trading System,

13. Renko Charts and Point & Figure Charts

14. Trading Strategies based on Technical Studies,


                                       B.  FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS

                 Macro-Economic Indicators,  Political Crisis, Natural Disasters

 Important Economic data releases of USA, Canada, Euro-zone (i.e. Euro), UK, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China and other stock and equities markets, GEO-POLITICAL, INTERNATIONAL POLICIES

1. Market Hours or Trading Sessions, -Asia-London-US

2. Studying Economic Calendars

3. News Trading- Time and technics

4. Balance of Payment

5. GDP and Output Report,

6. Confidence and Sentiment Reports

7. Prices, Wages and Sales Figures-Indusrtial and Service Sector

8. Monetary Policy - Central banks role

9. Interest Rates & Carry Trades

10. Employment Situation-NFP,ADP,WCC,WW

11. Housing Market-New Homes, Existing Homes, Real Estates

12. Trading Strategies based on fundamental analysis


1.       Elliott Wave Theory

2.       Dow theory

3.       Create Trading System

4.       Trading Strategies based on Technical Studies

5.       Trade psychology:  Discipline & Personality

6.       U.S. Dollar Index vs. oil & Gold

7.       Sentimental Analysis

8.       Commodity Currencies & Currency Crosses

9.       Money Management & Current Market Research

                             RESEARCH AND STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT

The aim of this advanced Research and development topics is to find winning strategies based on various technical and fundamental studies. It includes:

  1. Watching TV channels such as Bloomberg.com, cnbc.com, cnnmoney.com, reuters.com etc.
  2. Visiting top financial website collecting data and analyzing
  3. Correlation of Indicators & indices
  4. Correlation of fundamental events and data analysis
  5. Hypothesizing and Testing  
  6. Actionable Trading Plan for short and long terms.
  7. Group discussion and brain storming
  8. Trading and mentoring
  9. Client services

Expert Materials:



  • Candlestick Video's
  • Expert Fundamental  Video's
  • Expert  Mentor Videos-
  • Mathematical and statistical Models and Algorithms



  • Renko charts & Software
  • Point & Figure - Software
  • Nano-Tester for testing the strategies-Software
  • (Buy & sell on past data-Trading on past data) 
  • Custom combo Indicators ,  Scripts  and trading tools
  • Money Management Software
  • Auto-Trading Systems
  • Scripts - Full Package


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