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Auto Trading Systems

Auto Trading Systems


What is an Auto-Trading System?

Auto-trading is also called Robotic trading or Expert Advisor (EA). Now-a-days, sophisticated programs and technology allow us to convert our trading strategies (Trading style/method) into Robots or EAs, which trades 24hrs non-stop.

People says, most of the time Auto-Trading systems fail in trading, What is your opinion?

Honestly, it is misunderstanding about the system, an Auto-trading system is program based on a strategy & Logic. If the strategy is good then Auto-trading system is  good, if the strategy is bad then Auto-trading system is also bad. Therefore, a failure in system is not the system itself, but the strategy and programming.

What are the advantages of Auto-Trading System?

As Forex, CFD, Gold, Oil, Silver, etc, are non-stop 24hr/5days market, it is practically not possible for human beings present all the time in front of computer. Therefore, we can take advantage of Trading Robots that will trade non-stop 24 hours, only we have to provide uninterrupted power and internet facility.

Apart from this, most of the traders, even experienced traders, sometimes, incur losses because of emotional imbalances, such as Fear, Greed and hope; where as trading Robots don't have emotions so they can be well disciplined in trading.

Do you have successful Trading Robots?

Yes, we have very successful robots with different strategies and work under various market conditions such as Testing market or sideway market, Trending market and during high volatality News times, for demonstration, you should take a special appointment, Performance of our fund managers and robots are displayed at: www.nanoforexcorp.com and go to managed account section

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